Planer om at placere museum i København opgives

Pressemeddelelse 1. juli 2022

Denne engelsksprogede pressemeddelelse er i dag udsendt af Museum for the United Nations - UN Live i samarbejde med Realdania.

We regret to inform that Copenhagen will not get the planned building to house the Museum for the United Nations after negotiations between the parties and landowners came to a halt this week.

The Board Chair and former UN Under-Secretary-General, Jan Mattsson, says: ”We appreciate the steadfast backing from the Danish Government, the Copenhagen Municipality, Realdania and many other supporters to establish the Museum for the United Nations. Of course, it is disappointing that several years of creative work together with partners to build this innovative experience centre in Copenhagen as a hub for global change will not come to fruition. We will now intensify our ongoing efforts to create an unconventional global museum for action, connecting billions of people around the world through the power of culture”. 

The Museum will share news related to international initiatives over the summer.

CEO Jesper Nygård of Realdania says: ”Everyone involved in this project are disappointed that the ambitions for a museum building did not manifest in Copenhagen. The decision to abandon our engagement has been made after a thorough investigation of potential opportunities, models, and solutions. Fortunately, the Museum for the United Nations is so much more than any singular building – it is an international platform, that engages humans across the globe. We wish the Museum for the United Nations all the best in the continued journey on this important work.”

The Museum wish to thank its supporters in Denmark and beyond for their continued support of the endeavour to strengthen the interest in UN values, and engage people in solutions to and action for the challenges of our time in the UN’s three core pillars: sustainable development, peace and security, and human rights.