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22. maj 2018

173 sider

Udgivet i 2018 af Realdania og Sustania


Realdania and Sustainia’s Klima100 is a celebration of some of the best climate solutions in Denmark’s municipalities.

Never before has such a comprehensive, green and contemporary picture of Danish municipalities been drawn. Klima100 is a testimony to the fact that the municipalities have the ambition, creativity, and drive to fight climate change locally and adapt both rural and urban areas to a changeable and unpredictable climate.

The 100 projects help municipalities adapt to and mitigate against climate change, ranging from energy efficiency measures and nature conservation to flood protection and ambitious climate plans that show the way to a fossil free future. Klima100 guides from the wind-blown coasts through the creeks and streams to solar parks and recycling centers, through the narrow streets and wide boulevards to the patios and backyards.

Klima100 proves that the green transition can happen on all levels, and that the municipalities have a crucial role to play in creating Denmark’s green future.

This publication is also available in Danish:

Klima100 in Danish