Indoor Climate and Health in Homes


31. januar 2019

32 sider

Maja Skovgaard, Dea Lindegaard, Jesper Kirkeskov, Lise Lotte Beck Raunkjær from the Danish Building Research Institute


Results and recommendations promoting a healthier indoor climate from the collaborative research project CISBO to building clients, contractors, developers, architects, consulting engineers, facility managers, health professionals, and residents.

Indoor Climate and Health in Homes is an English translation of the publication “Indeklima og sundhed i boliger,” originally published in Danish in 2016.

Realdania has initiated and funded CISBO, which aims to generate and disseminate research-based knowledge on how to create a healthier indoor climate in dwellings. CISBO is a research collaboration between:
• the Department of Public Health, Aarhus University
• the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen
• the Department of Construction and Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
• the National Research Centre for the Working Environment
• the Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University Copenhagen

The publication is a result of the studies that were done during the research project.

Findes også i dansk version / Also available in Danish:
Indeklima og sundhed i boliger