The Smart City Research Network


december 2022

56 sider

Andrew Khoudi, Ditte Frisk Hansen, Donya Sheikh Khan, Jule Rumpel, Krister Jens, Lara Anne Blasberg, Lucile Sarran, Mohammed Almahmood, Nicolaj Frederiksen, Pernille Berg, Stine Ilum.

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Smart Cities & Smart Buildings. Balancing Technology & People

The Smart City Research Network

The Smart City Research Network consists of nine industrial research projects and their advising companies and universities collaborating under the headline ‘Smart buildings & Smart Cities: Balancing technology and people’. The overall objective is to bring together a team of researchers, companies, and science institutions to develop and concretize new types of insights and solutions with a business purpose in terms of productivity, marketing and export, and critically examine how technology interacts with the physical environment and thus affects the people living in it.

The Smart City Research Network is co-funded by The Innovation Fund Denmark and us.